In a few hours, the life of almost sixty Roma families of turkish origin, living on Agricola Street, most of them since the early ’90, was shattered. Even though they didn’t own the land, over the past 30 years, the city hall has ‘illegally’ issued ID cards for most of the Roma living on Agricola Street, so they could cast their vote during the elections.

More than 50 children where brutally dragged into the streets by riot police forces and left to face extreme weather conditions with virtually no protection. The families lost their homes together with their life savings, from furniture, cloths and other possessions to documents and food. The pouring rain makes it extremely difficult for the mothers to bake bred, the only food, scarce but still available.

As far as I could understand the city hall can not justify the evictions through emergency, there where no consultations and therefore no alternatives where presented, including temporary adequate housing, no children psychologists where present during the eviction procedures and the authorities proceeded to evict in the middle of a orange code warning for heavy rains.


*photos from Mugur Varzariu


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    In a few hours, the life of almost sixty Roma families of turkish origin, living on Agricola Street, most of them since...
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